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The Saving Generation Next Project is the most comprehensive, preventative health education- online training program you will find.

Debi teaches how current lifestyle practices and pharmaceutical indulgences not only harm present, but future generations. Join The SGN Project and learn how to achieve and maintain health and vitality, effortlessly.

Members have unlimited  access to Debi’s Video Vault which expands on the complimentary webinars. Debi is continually asked for recordings or references for her presentations. The complimentary webinars are face-paced and jam-packed so it became necessary to break the topics into chapters within each module, slow them down, and offer more analogies, clinical studies, and references.

Now you can truly learn the Language of the Body and take charge of our health with knowledge! Nowhere is there offered this kind of comprehensive interpretation of the body and body systems. It is time to become reacquainted with what your body has been telling you for years! The Video Vault is your personal video library teaching the root and foundation of the immune system, diseases and symptoms associated with inflammation, why antidepressants work 30% of the time and so much more! The SGN Project is directed at correcting the four-fold increase in chronic childhood illness.

The Video Vault also includes topics that will not be covered in the Complimentary Webinars offered through 2012. The Saving ‘Generation Next’ project is designed to give you power with knowledge and that is to be absorbed and digested, one piece of information at a time, reviewed, studied, and applied. Debi is offering access to the Video Vault at the incredibly low-rate of only $14.99/month. Topics currently within the Video Vault are:

  • The Foundation of Health: The Gut trains the Immune System, Debi teaches how imbalances in the intestinal area lead to a hyperactive immune system evidenced by asthma, allergies, eczema and numerous auto-immune disease states. Gut imbalances also contribute to inflammation which is at the root of many conditions including high-blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. (4 Videos)
  • Autoimmune Disease expanded: Continuing with the intestinal discussion, Debi shares how gut imbalances disrupt intestinal pH and how that may lead to Celiac Disease, Lactose Intolerance and even autoimmune disease. (4 Videos)
  • Naturally Ageless: Debi teaches about Glutathione, an antioxidant that cannot be purchased, only created by the body. Glutathione levels are low in those with CVD, depression, diabetes, autism and more. Learn why levels drop and how to restore them. (4 videos)
  • Depression: Antidepressants work 30% of the time yet few understand the relationship between Menses, Menopause, dehydration, cortisol levels and inflammation to depression. Debi teaches where we can take control and what we can do at home. (6 Videos)
  • Inflammation: 6 videos teaching what true, chronic, systemic inflammation is, the dangers of NSAIDS and Rx drugs, dietary triggers that create chemicals leading to psoriasis, ED, Crohn’s and more. (6 videos)

Every two weeks, Debi will add more videos on new topics; many of the topics have corresponding PDF’s with Q&A, references, and even more detailed information than in the videos.

There are 2 membership options:

Option 1 - $149 for annual access which includes a set of  Debi's 3 books (info on the books here), a $65 value and savings of $30 compared to the monthly plan.

Option 2- $14.99 per month with unlimited access.

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Founding members register for one-year access to the Video Vault for only $149.00 In appreciation of our founding members, in addition to the one-year membership, you will receive a set of Debi’s In the Beginning…there was wellness trilogy featuring Saving ‘Generation Next’, Forever Young and Vibrant and The Currency of Thought. The books are the best resources and references to accompany Debi’s Saving Generation Next online preventative health education webinar program.
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The video vault currently has over 50 video webinars and 6 to 8 will be added each month. Additionally, PDF study guides and summary sheets accompany most videos for highlights.


Debi offers condensed  complimentary webinars every two weeks that teach you the language of the body so you can truly recognize early red-flags and warning signs of impending diagnosis. Knowledge is power and with knowledge, you will be able to build a solid health foundation to address the root of your health issues. In order to restore health, we must understand WHY we are sick, tired, depressed, overweight or in pain. The current medical model treats health challenges with a Band-Aid. One example is erectile dysfunction treated with Viagra or Cialis when 90% of the time, the true issue is chronic, systemic-inflammation. Men with ED are often masking an underlying cardiac condition and the root issue is being ignored.

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