Please read this Letter from Debi (click here)

Do you wish to take control of your life?  Knowledge is the true gold and he who has the gold-wins!  Join me in becoming an agent of change.  We were designed to experience health, wealth, and peace of mind.  The Foundation of Health Coaching Program   will open many closed doors and unveil numerous truths.  Stay consistent, spend a few minutes every day reviewing your notes and one hour per week viewing and reviewing your webinar/videos.

Week 1 sets the tone for the program with introductions to the processes, your decision and commitment, and identifying issues that may hold us back while implementing a self-help program.  This week you will begin a ‘reset’.  During week 1, you will also become familiar with the program so you may be better able to set aside time for the allotted assignments.  Time spent each week is similar.  The Q&A call is Monday evening 8:00 pm EST.  I chose a phone call versus webinar so that if you need to be in the car or wherever you can tune in.

The purpose of the first call is to make introductions to and by the team, review the process of the curriculum and answer questions.  The second Q&A call will cover Week 1 curriculum, Week 3 Q&A call will cover Week 2 curriculum and so on.

I look forward to participating in teaching you the language of your body, creating an agent of change, saving generation next, and a new and improved you!


What to expect- Time spent each week:

  1. Log into Foundation of Health section for members only.
  2. Go to the appropriate week-each Q&A call will only discuss the previous week’s work so it is important to stay current with the group and the curriculum.
  3. Each week you will watch a short (less than 5 minutes) video directing you on the week’s activities, key points, or what to look for.
  4. Print out the weekly worksheet with instructions and activities.
  5. Each week, you will be instructed to view up to 2 webinars.  Each webinar is under 20 minutes.  Therefore, you will not spend more than 45-60 minutes viewing educational information.
  6. Complete activities on the worksheet while watching your weekly videos/webinars.
  7. Participate in Monday night’s Q&A.  You will ask questions concerning the previous week’s at home activities and lessons.


Forms and information to send to Debi:

Please print a copy of this form, the personal release form, and this form if you are seeing your doctor soon anyway, complete them and have them signed. (We need the personal release form at a minimum). Next, if you have blood work,  please scan your release form(s) and your blood work and go here to attach the forms. They will be sent to me.


The program offers you interpretation and descriptions of what your blood work means and also data retrieved from your health questionnaire will assist in customizing a preventative health plan for you.


The information you will learn will assist you in taking personal responsibility of your health and will save untold dollars in future health care costs!