How to schedule appointments:

1. Look for a time during "Debi's Available Time" - this time is marked as available.
2. Click the Google Symbol in the lower right, this will open up your google calendar if you have one. Log in or create a google account.
(If you don't have one, you can sign up for a 'google calendar' account, even with your own non-gmail address if you don't have a gmail account.)
3. Create an event on your calendar during Debi's available times, and invite
4. Please include your phone number when scheduling the appointment. (see detailed instructions below if you haven't done this before)
5. Once your appointment request is accepted by Debi, your time will show up on the calendar as busy.
6. Only members of the FOH have the ability to view this page and therefore the calendar.

Help with creating a calendar in your gmail calendar:

After clicking the google icon in the lower right portion of Debi's calendar above, log into your google account and go into your google calendar.

1. On the left bar, upper section, you'll see a button called "create", click it.
2. Event = Enter "Call with {put your name here}"
3. Click the Date and choose the date.
4. Click the Start and End Time of the calendar
5. In the Where button, put your contact phone number for Debi to Call
6. To the right, invite Debi = please use debicalendar@gmail.comm the click the 'add' to the right.
7. Choose a bright color for the calendar color
8. On the bottom left, choose "private" so only you and Debi see the details of the call.
9. Unless you want to make more changes click the red "Save" button at the top.
10. A window will ask if you want send invitations, answer "Yes".
11. Debi will approve your appointment. On your google calendar you will be able to see the details. Other people will only see "busy" in the entry.