Are you tired of losing and gaining weight over and over again?  One size does not fit all.  To be forever successful and effortlessly lean, we must learn how OUR body responds to foods!   Therefore, I am offering 21 days of coaching

Many women want to blame pre-menopause or other hormones on difficulty losing weight, but in my experience, other insidious factors play a role.  Fat holds onto toxins, the more toxins in the body, the more difficulty losing weight.  Also if we lose weight without addressing toxins, we are more likely to rebound .

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Additionally, fat produces a hormone called Leptin that tells us we are full.  Unfortunately, people who have yo-yo dieted or are very overweight become Leptin resistant (similar to insulin resistance) and this can also make it difficult to lose weight.   Insulin requires chromium to pull sugar out of the blood and into cells and our soil and diet is woefully deficient in this valuable mineral.  As deficient as we are in minerals, many of us also suffer from inflammation primarily because our diets do not contain enough healthy fats.  Inflammation also makes it difficult to lose weight.

Inflammation can also be caused in part, from dehydration.  If we are not drinking enough water, then the liver begins to do the work of the kidneys and stops burning fat.  One last factor before looking at hormones (pre-menopause or thyroid) is the insulin/cortisol curve.  Many people have no real idea how their body responds to carbohydrates.  However, the majority of people would do well to first detox (with a health coach), address Leptin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, drink more water and focus on eating every 2-3 hours with protein in each meal or snack.

As I mentioned, I am coaching people through the 3 Week Clean and Lean!   This is not only about losing weight, but targeting fat loss, inches, and detoxing.  Without knowing how to safely detox, your Leptin sensitivity, mineral and essential fat deficiencies, a daily coach may make the difference for you. .    Do you have a cell phone?  Can it take pictures?  If so, fill out a short-health survey, take a picture and text it to me at 425-444-5338.

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