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“Debi Waldeck has made a personal journey into and through the ineffable feeling many of us have that more medication is not the answer to restoring our health. Through her years of exploration, she has developed a profound understanding of the relationship between our body’s absorption and health, and, similarly, between our thought processes and wealth. If you care about becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise—and if your desire is more than idle curiosity—then the series, ‘IN THE BEGINNING…there was wellness is truly a no-nonsense blueprint to the good life. Her approach achieves that rare balance between the comprehensive and the practical.” -- Dr. Milan Moore, Cascade Orthopedics

"Saving, "Generation Next" reads like a best-selling spy novel. A book on health that one cannot lay down." --Art L, Richmond, VA

"Every now and then one discovers universal truths. This is one of those times! Debi Waldeck has uncovered numerous advances in science, nutrition and leverage. The series, In the Beginning…there was wellness will show you how to re-experience the vibrancy of youth while creating prosperity in the process. You will find this book both provocative and informative. Start your journey here!" --Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

"Debi Waldeck’s book is an incredible public health statement! Her extensive research and direct approach to human wellness can move you from crisis to excellence. Empower yourself with her knowledge." --Chris Bledy, Author, Beating Ovarian Cancer

"Debi Waldeck underscores the importance of how physical and emotional wellness contributes to financial wellness. She shares with us tried and true lessons that result in good health on every level." --Joan M. Bunney, author of Sexy In Your Sixties, How You Can Naturally Reverse The Aging Process & Rejuvenate Your Life

“Debi has passionately addressed issues she has dealt with and many of us have had the same or similar issues. Her definition of the four L’s is amazing. Longevity, Laughter, Lifestyle and Leverage just about covers it all, bless her heart. Anyone who has strife or stress in life needs to read Debi’s books. Well done Debi!” --Jim Edmundson, Author of Bullets I’ve Dodged

“WARNING! Choosing to read this book means you are ready to take responsibility for your life! Debi Waldeck’s Wellness Blueprint will lead you away from society’s often misguided version of reality to a much more positive reality full of health, self-love and abundance for yourself and a beautiful example for the world. ’IN THE BEGINNING... there was wellness’ is a vital step to your own, new beginning.” –Geof Kaufman, Author of Mastering Your Choices

“Debi has been a close friend for over 15 years. I have always admired her unstoppable energy. She thinks outside the box of traditional medicine and is passionate about helping others prevent disease and overcoming disease with wellness. Debi is an expert in training not only on the missing link between health and disease and sustaining optimal health but also successful life building strategies; she captivates the lives of many with her sense of humor and her ability to communicate." --Teresa Carney, Oregon

“Debi has given the world a step by step plan that gives us the opportunity to live life with purpose, passion and power. I am blessed to have this opportunity to help spread the word about her good works. With this plan, prosperity and your life’s aspirations are imminent.” --Mylai Tenner, “The Gold Boot Guy”

"In the Beginning…There was Wellness by Debi Waldeck has arrived at just the right time. As more of us are taking back control of our health from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, here is just the guidance we need. Debi shows us how to recon-nect with our bodies and thoughts to enjoy health and wealth." --Flora Morris Brown, Author Coloring Your Life Happy

"’The Currency of Thought’ is a powerful prescription for change and happiness. It will jump-start your thinking so you can achieve excellence under any circumstances.” --Kate Raidt author, "The Million Dollar Parent"

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