Sugar cravings driving you crazy?

If you have sugar cravings, your body may be making alcohol from the sugars you consume!
My husband occasionally brews beer. Once the, what is it called? Wert….sets, he bottles the mixture, adds sugar and yeast and then caps it. From that point, the yeast eats the sugar and the bi-product is alcohol and carbon dioxide (the bubbles).

Wow, what if you knew that for many people, the bi-product of eating sugar or refined carbs is ethanol. Ethanol is alcohol! 61% of people who are unwell actually have a built-in still. Their bodies make alcohol after eating sugars.

Think of alcoholics who quit drinking; you will notice many suffer with terrible sugar cravings shortly after. Could this be because while eating sugars, their body is unknowingly making alcohol? If so, would you agree that for many, sugar addictions may be more than in the mind. Wouldn't you want to know if your body makes alcohols after eating sugars? Wouldn't you want to know how to correct this and banish sugar cravings for ever?!

Here is a short 7 minute video explaining this process and a link to a free sugar busting shake recipe just for you! I provided a link in the body of the video but if it does not work with your server, use the link provided above.

Anxiety Success Secrets Free Webinar

Anxiety Success Secrets
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Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the United States affecting 40 million adults.  Though it may have been erroneously reported that Adam Lanza, shooter in the Sandy Hook tragedy was on Fanapt, what is known is that consistently, one of the variables in mass shootings since Columbine have been SSRI's.  The Saving Generation Next Project and Debi Waldeck are sharing Anxiety Success Secrets.

1.  Why is the prevelance of anxiety greater amongst women and seniors?
2.  What are the common denominators behind anxiety and other seemingly benign health conditions?
3.  Are there early red-flags and warning signs of impending anxiety diagnosis?
4.  If we recognize the common denominators and early red-flags, can we intervene before the diagnosis?

Find out what many have in common who suffer anxiety and share this webinar with those that you love.
Title:     Anxiety Success Secrets
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Navigating flu season part 3

Get the Shot, not the Flu? (Not so true!)
Take a look at why so many people get the flu shot but still 'feel like they have been hit by a bus." Is it wise to get an annual flu vaccine? Today, if we do not, we feel as if we are irresponsible; why don't we take time and truly learn how to build the immmune system. If you are interested in this discussion, join me Tuesday January 22nd at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm PST for a full discussion on this topic.
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Get the Shot, Not the Flu?

Navigating Flu Season-part 2

There is a great deal of banter over vaccines, safety, efficacy and shear numbers.   In the video below, statistics comparing the United States vaccine rates and child mortality rates is compared to other OECD nations (OECD nations offer comparable industry and wealth).  Questions arise when noting the rise in child mortality coincide with the addition of 18 mandatory vaccines since 1995, bringing the US mandatory vaccines for children under 5 to 36.  The other OECD nations have on average 12 mandatory vaccines for children under 5 and less vaccine numbers for children under 12 months.

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Navigating Flu Season Part 1 of 4

Just this past week the Mayor of Boston declared a flu emergency and a boy in NJ is prohibited from returning to school unless he gets a flu vaccine; this after his mother and doctor suggested he not get the vaccine due to his egg allergy.  The CDC says the flu shot is safe for people with egg allergies.  Numerous organizations have blamed the rise in autism rates to vaccines or Thimerasol (mercury).  What are we as parents to think?

Today Obama challenged all Americans to say enough! Enough to violence in schools, enough to assault rifles!  When are we going to say enough to children on antidepressants, antianxiety, bipolar, allergy, steroids...meds, when there is very little true preventative health education?  It is time to learn the language of the body and recognize early red-flags and warning signs before the impending diagnosis.  It is time to save generation next!

I hope you take 5 minutes to watch this short video with fascinating statistics about the efficacy of the flu shot.  Much research was pulled from Peter Doshi from M.I.T., widely recognized in public health.

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