TARAs PicGuess What?  90% of health conditions being treated today have at their root, disruptions in just 3 areas of health.  Yes, just three!  But we go to the Rheumatologist for our fibromyalgia, the counselor for our depression or the Pediatrician for the ADHD, yet all have 3 things in common; so why don't we know this?

The Professor of health, happiness and hope-Debi Waldeck has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration and has provided Continuing Education Credits for numerous fitness organizations. Debi spent over 30,000 hours researching the why's behind chronic disease and found a common thread in people with conditions as minor as allergies to as serious as deadly autoimmune diseases.

The new health reform bill appears promising, however, with 3 of 127 medical schools that offer geriatric or comprehensive nutrition programs and a waiting list for primary care and nurse practitioners, the time is now to truly learn the language of the body and connect the dots.

A passionate advocate for change, Debi offers a comprehensive coaching program, the Saving Generation Next (SGN) Project, assisting you to effortlessly take control of your health, wealth and peace of mind.

The purpose of The SGN Project is to offer consumers worldwide, comprehensive, preventative health information. Basic body principles such as causes for inflammation, immune response, increased oxidative stress, and the relationship between the development of the intestinal area to the overall immune state are presented.

The SGN Project teaches the language of the body to assist the individual in partnering with the health provider by better understanding the body and consequences of lifestyle and in making healthy and wise choices in an effort to improve overall health.

Debi Waldeck is a passionate advocate for change who teaches thousands to learn the language of their own body allowing them to take control of their health.  Debi’s inspiration to learn the foundation of preventative health originated with a health diagnosis, subsequent pregnancy, and instructions to abort her baby.  Debi chose to proceed with the pregnancy.  Her child was born with complications which fueled Debi to understand chronic health conditions like few others.  Debi’s journalistic research uncovered answers that resulted in total restoration of health for her son who is now a graduating senior from the United States Military Academy.  After 7 years of research and health restoration, Debi went on to become nationally recognized as a provider of continuing education credits for numerous organizations including the ACSM helping tens of thousands improve health and recognize and navigate early red-flags and warning signs of impending diagnosis.

Debi is recognized as a top professional speaker addressing more than 50,000 individuals nationally and internationally.  Debi has been a guest on hundreds of radio shows and has appeared on TV shows such as NW Afternoon and AM Northwest.   As Dr. Milan Moore says, ‘“Debi Waldeck has made a personal journey into and through the ineffable feeling many of us have that more medication is not the answer to restoring our health.  Through her years of exploration, she has developed a profound understanding of the relationship between our body’s absorption and health, and, similarly, between our thought processes and wealth. Her approach achieves that rare balance between the comprehensive and the practical.”  Dr. Tom Smutney continues, ‘As a practicing physician of neuromuscular medicine, I see that patients are getting sicker, healing poorly, and having poorer outcomes in spite of giant leaps in technology and diagnostics. Debi Waldeck’s presentations offer a ray of light at the end of the tunnel for winning the battle against closed minded western medicine. Debi is inspirational, an outstanding speaker, extraordinarily well versed, and brilliantly well informed. Additionally, Debi is adept at simplifying difficult answers to tough questions. Debi’s connections between "poorly defined" and/or "chronic sequential deterioration" medical conditions and clear nutritional sense as a potential pathway back toward health are brilliant.’

Debi’s much needed message is delivered through books, webinars, online video coaching, and powerful seminars.  Debi brilliantly teaches that most disease is a disruption in one or all of the three pillars of health; she teaches the individual the language of their own body and how the gut trains the immune system.  Restoring the three pillars of health has helped thousands achieve hope, health and happiness.