What is your Foundation of Health?

The definition of health is free from illness and injury.  Health simply means 'not sick'.  There is no gradation between super-healthy and near the tipping point of getting sick.  The Barrel Effect may describe the variations in health from super-healthy to kind-of healthy to near the tipping point of getting sick.  A bunch of people are in a plane flying from LA to NY; they all sit in the same contaminated, petri-dish of recycled, re-circulated, dirty air yet one gets off with airborne illness and the other does not.  Immediately you notice that the one who got sick was simply not as healthy as the one who did not, the one who got sick was near the tipping point.

The Barrel Effect

barrel effectGenetics are like being born with a loaded pistol in your pocket; what you do with your lifestyle determines if you pull the trigger or not.  Unfortunately, the body did not come with a personal translator or manual but if you wonder why you are more sensitive and get sicker than your friend, consider the barrel effect.

Note the image to the right, the barrel represents the body, the water in the barrel represents the toxic load, small holes in the bottom of the barrel allow some of the water (toxic load) to drip out; this represents the immune system doing its job.

Normal metabolism creates a toxic load; however, some people have either been exposed to more of a load.  Perhaps the person worked a lifetime with dangerous, noxious chemicals.  Other people have a compromised immune system, taught during the Foundation of Health coaching program.  Either way, when the toxic load reaches the top of the barrel, the person may not know it.  It is this person who ‘was going along fine’ and one thing, maybe a move, a divorce, death of a loved-one, put them over-the-edge.  When the water spills over, we see evidence of sickness, we are sick.  The problem is we have not learned the red-flags and warning signs that show that our barrel was filling up, dangerously full.

The Foundation of Health teaches the three pillars of health.  Think about this:

1.                Intestinal disruption:  clogs the barrel

a.      Affects the immune system

b.      Early red-flags and warning signs:  allergies, asthma, toenail fungus…

2.                Inflammation:  adds more water to the barrel

a.      Intestinal disruption releases inflammatory chemicals into the body

b.      Inflammatory chemicals also cross the blood brain barrier and affect depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more.

3.                Lack of Glutathione:  clogs the barrel even more

a.      Accelerated aging

b.      Inability to detox naturally and fatigue

 Since 70%-80% of the immune system is gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) then it makes sense that disruptions in the intestinal ecology (bacteria) can ‘clog’ up the barrel and create more of a toxic load.  When the intestinal area becomes compromised and inflamed, then cytokines (inflammatory chemicals) release into the system.  Cytokines take part in many illnesses from depression to Crohns’.  The compromised and inflamed  intestinal area depletes Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant.  Glutathione is the major detoxifying chemical in the body; the barrel is even more clogged.

The healthy one walks off the plane without airborne illness, the one near the tipping point walks off sick.  The healthy person plays a game of flag-football over the weekend in the bitter cold and it’s raining and at the end of the day warms up by the fire with a hot bowl of chili and the one the near the tipping point comes home with the sniffles and wakes with a raging cold.

The one near the tipping point noticed that last year he played the same game of flag-football the Saturday before the Super Bowl in the same rain and cold and came home tired but well, what happened?  Over the last year, many stressors happened and little-by-little, he found himself eating more fast-foods, drinking a little more alcohol, and getting a little less sleep.  In the beginning, he noticed no real change but now that he thinks about it, he noticed becoming more sensitive to foods, a little more acid-reflux, a little more lactose intolerance, waking with puffy hands in the morning.  He noticed that time with his wife in the mall where the smell of fragrances caused him to get a brutal headache.  He never learned that these sensitivities showed that his barrel was getting full; he never learned the early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease.

Voila, the barrel is overflowing and you are sick!  The SGN Project teaches you the language of your body and the three pillars of health; your barrel is going to get a major overhaul!  Are you ready?