What is the Best Preventative Health Site on the Web?

The Washington Times states that WebMD is the second most visited internet preventative health site on the planet.  WebMD has taken millions (some argue billions) from drug companies affectionately called Big Pharma and a $4.8 million government contract to educate doctors about the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act, colloquially dubbed “Obamacare”.   Unfortunately for you and me,  WebMD has been caught promoting dangerous drug solutions  to people who really don’t need such treatment.  We now know that WebMD is partnered with its sponsors at the expense of the safety and well-being of you and me.

If you go to WebMD, you will always see a banner at the top of the page about some health condition, whether it is diabetes, blood sugar issues, erectile dysfunction, or Rheumatoid arthritis.  Just try it, refresh the page over-and-over and see the new banners appear.  If you see a banner for ‘Blood Sugar-still too high, click here to learn more’ you will be taken to a page promoting the Levemir®, Flexpen®  Where is the information about how to eat?  Where is the education teaching you that muscle is BANK for your blood sugar and if you become sedentary as you age and therefore, lose muscle mass, blood- sugar levels will naturally raise because there is less BANK (muscles) for storing blood sugar?

The real problem is that WebMD has positioned itself as a primary source of independent and science-backed health information yet, is financially dependent on pharmaceutical companies and now the U.S. government, which is trying to promote a widely contested and unpopular health care plan.

Where are our children getting health information?  It is certainly not the schools with their high fat, highly processed lunches, absent PE classes, and all too-expensive after school sports programs.  4H is an organization of 6.8 million youth pledging head, heart, health and hands to my club, my country, my community and the world.  4H teaches agricultural, health, ethics, and morality principles yet the major sponsors of 4H are Monsanto, the most hated company in the world for utilizing GMO foods, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, and Coca-Cola.  There has been much controversy over the health of GMO’s to humans and the planet.  Think about it, what better way to control the future of our food system than to brainwash 6.8 million impressionable youth into believing that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe and beneficial, if not the answer to all the problems of the world?

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has been re-branded as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) and is sponsored by Kellogg, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Mars Chocolate to name a few and A.N.D. members are instructed to ‘turn-in’ health coaches who are teaching you how to eat more healthy or how to learn the language of your body unless they are certified by the A.N.D.  Dr. Mercola stated, A.N.D. Threatens Your First Amendment Rights and Attempts to Censor Paleo Blogger (Steve Cooksey).  My concern is we are being told to get-educated and to take personal responsibility for our health yet the places we are being told to go for that education are sponsored by companies who historically have done nothing to improve the country’s state of health.  The good news is the tide is turning; Mercola.com is the MOST visited health site on the web!  Get educated; join the SGN Project and me as you learn the language of your body and how to restore your Foundation of Health!