What is a health coach and do I need one?

A health coach could be your personal trainer, your nutritionist, a registered dietician, your yoga teacher, or your massage therapist.  Amazingly, many laws limit what ‘certified health professionals’ can teach you.  They are not allowed to diagnose and prescribe because they would be practicing medicine without a license but at the same time, the doctors are not teaching us either, so we are stuck!

All we know is ‘eat more greens, drink more water, exercise, sleep more, and lose weight’ but the problem is the thousands of health coaches and health programs teaching us their method for getting healthy.  What this has done is to leave the consumer overwhelmed and confused.  Where there is confusion, there is no action, we just freeze.

My dad used to say advice is like a$$holes, everyone has one so here I go with my advice; get educated, get started, read books, find a successful health coach, and get going.    But don’t jump around from one coach to another because you will become overwhelmed and confused; one will say eat every five meals a day, the other will teach intermittent fasting, some will speak about cortisol for losing weight while others will swear it’s all about Leptin, aghhhhh!

Guess what, they are all a little right.   Here is what I teach, I teach you to learn the language of your own body with simple at home, measureable tests.  Eating five meals a day works for some, but maybe not for you, fasting 16 hours out of the day, eating in the remaining eight hours may work for you but not your sister.   So while gathering knowledge from out there, you need to learn about you and how your body works.  Second, I teach that 90% of health conditions being treated today have the same three common denominators; yet, we treat asthma with Advair, ADHD with Ritalin, eczema with steroid cream, or depression with Zoloft and they all have the same three disruptions in the body.

I received a diagnosis of Graves’ disease when I was newly married and then was given a drug.  Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid.  Within two months of starting the drug, I became pregnant.  Today in the PDR it says, not to take the drug while pregnant, because of people and stories like mine.  During the pregnancy, I was told to abort the baby.  I did not and our son was born with complications and for the first seven years of his life received diagnosis like asthma, RAD, eczema, ADHD, lazy eye, night terrors, and more.   I could have given him five or more drugs, but instead, I learned and restored his three pillars of health and ‘miraculously’, he became 100% whole and went on to receive a Congressional nomination to the United States Military Academy, graduate with honors, and be accepted into Army Aviation.

Listen folks, who will be our future leaders?  Survival of the fittest and all that but now is the time to be proactive.  Choose a person who will guide you to better health (health coach) or begin to study on your own.  Over the past 24 years, I have counted 30,000 hours of research.  I have drilled this down into various health programs ranging from one hour to a 12 week coaching program.  I suggest you join me.  Saving generation now will save generation next when you learn the language of your body and how to restore your foundation of health.