2014 and healthcare: A new and different public message

Get educated, take personal responsibility!  That is what the media, the government and doctors are telling you in 2014.  Dr. Tom Schneider is on the forefront of this message after the release of his book, The Physician’s Apology.  In his book, Dr. Schneider apologizes because the very word, Doctor comes from the Latin word of the same spelling, which means, ‘to teach’.  Unfortunately, when you go to the doctor with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugars, the […] Read more »

What is a health coach and do I need one?

A health coach could be your personal trainer, your nutritionist, a registered dietician, your yoga teacher, or your massage therapist.  Amazingly, many laws limit what ‘certified health professionals’ can teach you.  They are not allowed to diagnose and prescribe because they would be practicing medicine without a license but at the same time, the doctors are not teaching us either, so we are stuck! All we know is ‘eat more greens, drink more water, exercise, sleep more, and lose weight’ […] Read more »

What is the Best Preventative Health Site on the Web?

The Washington Times states that WebMD is the second most visited internet preventative health site on the planet.  WebMD has taken millions (some argue billions) from drug companies affectionately called Big Pharma and a $4.8 million government contract to educate doctors about the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act, colloquially dubbed “Obamacare”.   Unfortunately for you and me,  WebMD has been caught promoting dangerous drug solutions  to people who really don’t need such treatment.  We now know that […] Read more »

Where do I find preventative health education?

You have decided that in 2014, you are going to tackle your health issues.  You may be overweight, have chronic fatigue, suffer from depression, or low energy; your children may be plagued with issues such as asthma, allergies, or ADHD, so where do you begin?  Most people begin with diet; moms learn how to pack a healthy lunch box, how to read labels, or start buying organic foods and all of that is great, but the problem is your boat […] Read more »

What is your Foundation of Health?

The definition of health is free from illness and injury.  Health simply means 'not sick'.  There is no gradation between super-healthy and near the tipping point of getting sick.  The Barrel Effect may describe the variations in health from super-healthy to kind-of healthy to near the tipping point of getting sick.  A bunch of people are in a plane flying from LA to NY; they all sit in the same contaminated, petri-dish of recycled, re-circulated, dirty air yet one gets […] Read more »