Slowing weight gain during menopause

I am often asked, what is the one thing I can do to slow the dreaded weight loss during menopause?  This tip may surprise you! Click here for information about the 12 Week Foundation of Health Coaching Program Click here for information about free coaching with the 3 Week Clean, Lean and Learn Weight Management Program     Read more »

Foundation of Health Coaching Program

99% of Dis-Ease is a result of disruptions in the Three Pillars of Health.   These health challenges or weight loss struggles are often due to the fact that we do not have a manual for our body, we have never learned the language of our own body.   By the end of the 12 week coaching program, you will be forever in charge of your health and better able to recognize early red flags and warning signs of impending diagnosis for […] Read more »

Customized weight management program for free!

Before you spend another dollar and more frustration on your next weight/fat loss program learn the language of your body with the 3 week clean, lean and learn program.  Take 3 minutes and watch this short explanatory video.   Read more »

Saving Generation Next did not help Sandy Hook

It took me a few days to process the tragic events that unfolded last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary when Adam Lanza unleashed terror on Generation Next.  Sadly, we turn our attention to gun control which is a distraction from the real issues at hand.  Certainly, I agree that there should be limitations on the ability to buy assault rifles, but there is a bigger question we must ask?  What sank the Titanic?  No, it was not an iceberg; it […] Read more »