ADHD diagnosis increase with Government programs

 ADD/ADHD “During the 1990s, there was a 700 percent increase in the use of psycho stimulants, with the United States consuming nearly 90 percent of the world’s supply of the drugs.” (1) As of 1999, school nurses across the U.S. delivered more medications for mental health conditions than for any other chronic health problem, and more than half were specifically for ADHD.  There was a 56 percent increase in prescription antacids for children under age four from 2002 to 2006; […] Read more »

My love-hate relationship with the ‘Boob’ Time Magazine article

time magazine

Ok, we have all seen it, we have heard the latest talk radio discuss the upcoming Time Magazine article featuring an attractive, 26 year old, breast-feeding her giant three year old son who is standing on a chair (making him appear closer to the age of 10).   What I love about the cover is that breastfeeding is in the news; but it’s the 10 things I hate about it that have me infuriated! Read more »

Hey Guys! If you want that sexy ‘rat’ swagger-take probiotics


Ok, this is kind of crazy, because every male enhancement commercial chooses to enhance ‘ahem’, the, as lady Gaga would say, pogo stick.  But it turns out that a report published May 7th, in Science Daily stated that the testicles of yogurt-eating mice are bigger and they credit probiotics.  In my annoying ‘why, why, momma’ kind of way, I want to know how and why this is. Read more »

DUI and the Tagamet Defense?

First of all, drinking and driving is no laughing matter. But we are a nation of social drinkers; what do all the tag-lines say, ‘drink responsibly.’ Right? So what if you were with your co-workers after work for a Friday night Meet-up and you kept to the ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’s’ two-drink rule and three hours later, you were pulled over and blew a 0.12? That has happened and is happening right now, so what is responsible?  What OTC drug are you […] Read more »