Did you miss me?

Isn’t technology grand?  I left March 7th for Seattle for a little business, fun/family, and completing our move to Scottsdale.   Since the beginning of the year, we decided to switch to a wordpress platform for my web-site, so we acquired a wordpress site at wordpress.com.  Just before I left for Seattle, I read the cliff-note version of Hootsuite which allows me to pre-submit blogs, tweets, or Facebook posts to be distributed in a consistent manner.  I was so proud of […] Read more »

Healthy supplementation is about more than just ingredients; it’s about delivery and absorption by Dr. Wilmer

The Advantage When we eat food, drink a beverage, or ingest most nutritional supplements, the stomach must secrete diluting juices, enzymes, hydrochloric acid and at least one vitamin-binding protein to begin the process of digestion. This process requires both energy and time — about 40 minutes or more, depending on the size of the meal. Isotonix products are delivered into the small intestine nutritionally concentrated, maximizing the opportunity for absorption of nutrients across cell membranes. What Is Isotonic? Isotonix® is […] Read more »

A Letter to Michael Jackson: Autoimmune Disease-Gut Dysfunction Part II

Ask Yourself? Do you think,  maybe, just maybe, the resulting inability to  break down proteins  properly with the prescription antacid (Tagamet reduces acid production),  could have resulted in  undigested proteins and toxins being able to enter my bloodstream  via  the   now  damaged  intestinal area? Remember, when the body sees a foreign protein,  the body will create an antibody to “tag” the  protein  as an  invader and  attack it,  which results in an increase in antibodies now attacking these “foreign proteins.” […] Read more »