The Gut Trains The Immune System

To truly understand preventative health, the foundation of a healthy immune system and the difference between the normal and healthy vs. hyper or overactive must be defined.  Diagnoses that indicate an overactive immune system include allergies, asthma, eczema, autoimmune disease which are many and even ADHD, depression and cancer.    Duality persists when individuals believe disease is inevitable or genetic, while others believe lifestyle changes can cure all.  Yin and Yang represent duality.  The iconic Yin/Yang emblem appears as two fish, […] Read more »

What is true Preventative Health?

Preventative health means understanding the ‚Language of the Body‘-understanding the source of a headache, a rash, an allergy or disease.  We find answers in pills or lotions but we are rarely educated on what the source of the problem was.  Without understanding the route cause, we cannot participate in prevention.  Good health is proactive, never reactive.  The discussion of improving the current health care system is analagous to a society who builds its homes on sand.  Day after day, homes […] Read more »

Introducing The Foundation of Health Column with author Debi Waldeck

SeattleBin’s best line-ups of columnists just got better with health author Debi Waldeck and The Foundation of Health tri-weekly column.  Debi Waldeck makes her debut January 23rd, the first day of the Year of the Dragon and not by accident.  Debi was born the year of the Dragon and noticed recent images of the New Year’s commemorative stamp shows a fierce dragon, a drastic change from earlier gentler images.  Artist Chen Shaohua states the image reflects China’s newfound ‘national confidence.’  […] Read more »