The UN-Commercial? Is high fructose corn syrup like any other sugar?

The commercial opens and a teenage boy is at the breakfast table eating cereal.  His brother sits down and shockingly picks up the cereal box and exclaims, ‘You’re eating High Fructose Corn Sugar…How could you!?”  His brother calmly says, ‘Hey man, its natural, made from corn…what’s the big deal?”  Another commercial shows a women walking through a meadow of growing corn while the wind gently blows through her hair and butterflies gently flutter about.  She comments that high-fructose corn sugar […] Read more »

How do I think positively-when I feel like crap?

I remember working through Tony Robbins courses in the early 90's.  Every morning I woke-up and knew I had to say my affirmations-focus on my goals-my dreams and my desires....  Trouble was, I had no energy-no energy makes you feel depressed....'but I can think my way out of this?'  Could I?  Can we? I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.  The subsequent medication threatened the life of my unborn son; I became obsessed with learning why.   Why the increase in […] Read more »