Why do we resist change?

I have always been surprised when speaking of the Forgiveness, Love, Trust triangle that some respond that the only thing that is needed is not Trust, but Faith, specifically Faith in Jesus.  After years of lecturing on autoimmune disease and self-help, many asked me to write a book.  I did not consider myself a writer and in a way, I was afraid of failing, of judgement and the process itself.  So I did what I always do, some call it […] Read more »

Forgiveness, Love, Trust-Triangle

Have you ever wondered 'why it seems to be so easy for them..... and not for me?'   Why is it some seem to easily attract the right time, the right place or the right person?   What really is this law of attraction?   Many of us have created dream boards, goals, affirmations, or new year's resolutions but seem to be treading water, barely moving forward.   What are we missing?  I have learned through observing two children that achieving any fantastic goal […] Read more »

ADHD, ASTHMA, ALLERGIES-AUTOIMMUNE? What they have in common…

Many of you know that I have written saving 'generation next' which chronicles my own diagnosis with an autoimmune disease, subsequent medications, pregnancy and those dreaded words...'you must abort your baby..."    Many times, the greatest truths are the simplest and often, trial and tribulation only reveal who we really are.  My experience caused me to seek out answers to one question, 'why do I have an autoimmune disease?'  The answers I were given made no sense to me.   If we […] Read more »

Cassandra Effect or is it Normalcy Bias?

Remember the movie where the teen had premonitions of the plane going down?  He got off with a few ‘believers’ and everyone else died. The movie did not have a happy ending as the premise was that it was preordained they all should have died…….   Not quite the Cassandra Effect (CE) but the CE occurs when one feels they know of an impending disaster or looming event.  The worst part is they also feel they can do nothing to stop […] Read more »