SGN for Moms (or Mr. Moms) is for parents who are asking a different question.  Rather than what is the best drug doc we are asking "why is my child sick and what can I do"?  This program takes 25,000 hours of Debi’s research and drills it down into 6 hours taught over 4 sessions to give you the answers and solutions to improve your children’s health and live their destiny.  Asthma, eczema, allergies, or ADHD are early red-flags and warning signs of internal imbalance. If your child is diagnoses with ADHD, they are NOT deficient in Ritalin. In this program, you will learn:

  1. Another Life:  Creates awareness over the fourfold increase in chronic childhood illness and why simple conditions such as asthma, eczema, allergies or ADHD are signs of a hyperactive immune state and early red-flags and warning signs of impending health diagnosis.
  2. First Life:  Teaches that we receive two inheritances at birth, one is genetic but the other is more impactful in determining future health.  You will learn that the immune system develops much like crops.  It is planted (first Life or maternal inoculation), developed (first two years of feeding) and tended to (effects of the lifelong burden of stress, high sugar diets or medical prescriptions); if not, disruptions in the three pillars of health occur leading to addiction and disease.
  3. This Life:  Shows disruptions in the three pillars of health as a common denominator in most disease today and how to restore these three pillars of health.
  4. Best Life:  Offers simple, easy at home meal and snack planning, smart supplementation and parenting tools.


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