Billie HudsonBillie Hudson, Oregon: Like many, Billie suffered from health ailments requiring numerous rounds of antibiotics throughout her young life. Billie’s health declined and she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia; with no answers from the doctors except for pain medication.
Instinctively, Billie knew drugs were not the answer and she began researching. In discovering steps to improve her own health she began to help others feel better, look better,. For 20 years, Billie has coached and assisted pregnant mothers through their deliveries both in and out of the hospital and has been a TLS Weight Solutions coach for five years.

Most of her weight-loss clients had other health issues. She changed her thinking from “How can I help them?” to “Why are they sick? “If you are not proactive with your health then you will be reactive.” It is said that the teacher arrives when the student is ready. In discovering the ‘Saving Generation Next Project’’ Billie found a means to be proactive and self-directed, enabling all that are searching, to understand that the immune system is directly related to a lack in one of the three pillars of health.

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