The Professor of Truth, Health and Hope-Debi Waldeck has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Administration and has provided Continuing Education Credits for numerous fitness organizations. Debi spent over 30,000 hours researching the why's behind chronic disease and found a common thread in people with conditions as minor as allergies to as serious as deadly autoimmune diseases.

The new health reform bill appears promising, however, with 3 of 127 medical schools that offer geriatric or comprehensive nutrition programs and a waiting list for primary care and nurse practitioners, the time is now to truly learn the language of the body and connect the dots.

A passionate advocate for change, Debi offers a comprehensive coaching program called 52 weeks to a new you to effortlessly take control of your health, wealth and peace of mind.




The purpose of The SGN Project is to offer consumers worldwide, comprehensive, preventative health information.  Basic body principles such as causes for inflammation, immune response, increased oxidative stress, and the relationship between the development of the intestinal area to the overall immune state are presented.

The SGN Project teaches the language of the body to assist the individual in partnering with the health provider by better understanding the body and consequences of lifestyle and in making healthy and wise choices in an effort to improve overall health.

One example:

  1. Adipose cells release C-reactive protein (CRP)
  2. CRP is an inflammatory marker
  3. CRP binds to Leptin (hormone to suppress appetite)
  4. Once bound, Leptin cannot pass the blood-brain barrier, hunger and weight-gain may persist.
  5. ANGIOLOGY August/September 2008 vol. 59 no. 4 408-414 published OPC-3 lowered CRP by 51%
  6. Adipose cells produce other inflammatory cytokines such as TNF and IL-6 and IL-12
  7. Increased cytokines are a factor in:
    1. Depression
    2. Glutamatergic dysfunction in autism
    3. Arthritis
      1. Clinical studies show Turmeric and DHA from Omega-3 fish oil lower cytokines

The information presented has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the information provided is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The following information serves as guidelines to assist the individual in using preventative health knowledge effectively for improving overall health.

  1. These guidelines should NOT substitute for sound clinical judgment or conventional therapies that may be needed for a particular patient/client.
  2. Before starting on any product read carefully and consider all directions and warnings on the product label.
  3. Before making any lifestyle changes please consult with your physician.
  4. The guidelines offered are intended to assist the individual in achieving optimal health and well-being.