Where do I find preventative health education?

You have decided that in 2014, you are going to tackle your health issues.  You may be overweight, have chronic fatigue, suffer from depression, or low energy; your children may be plagued with issues such as asthma, allergies, or ADHD, so where do you begin?  Most people begin with diet; moms learn how to pack a healthy lunch box, how to read labels, or start buying organic foods and all of that is great, but the problem is your boat is leaking and getting preventative health education piecemeal means a long road to real improvement.

When my children were ten and 7, I was dealing with asthma, allergies, ADHD, night terrors, OCD, school issues, and more.  Of course, I looked at diet and became one of those fanatics about what was going into my children’s mouth.  30,000 hours of research later, I have identified the root issues to health challenges and though diet is important, I am much more relaxed because I learned how to recognize early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease.  I learned how diet affects mood and health and that every person responds differently to the foods on their plate.

Primarily, I learned that 90% of health conditions have the same three common denominators; over-and-over again, I kept seeing these same three issues.  I never thought I could ‘fix’ or heal ADHD, Asthma, eczema, PMS, etc. but when I realized that they all had the same three disruptions, I turned my energy to addressing what I call the ‘three pillars of health’ and voila, my children became 100% whole.  Some of the solution revolved around diet, but because I knew where I was going, I was better able to tailor the diet to solve the problem.

Herein lies the problem; yes moms introduce more veggies, fruits, complex carbs, and healthy fats, but why and what is it doing?  What if one my children needs more carbs and the other needs more healthy fats?  I also learned that we are creatures that love to know WHY?  Sure, we may listen to the latest health guru and for a short time, adopt a colon cleanse, or a juice fast but at the end of the day, it is when we truly know why we are doing what we are doing that we are motivated such that change sticks and becomes not just a way of life but your value and belief system.  It is at that time that change becomes effortless.

Confusion is minimized because we ALL start with addressing the three pillars of health.  This is simple and easy.  Your sister with fibromyalgia, your mother with asthma, your child with ADHD, your depression, your overweight husband, and your Uncle’s toenail fungus all have the same three common disruptions.  Why not start there and address the three pillars of health first?

If your boat were leaking (you are sick), and you are taking a drug or changing your diet (using a bucket to get rid of the water), your boat is still leaking; you have not addressed the root issues of your problem.  Once you fix the leak (restore the three pillars of health) and the water is clear from the inside of your boat, you may then notice a tear in the fabric of the seat, or a little dry rot at the base of the step.  The point is to first address the root-issue; once that is done, then fine-tune your health by learning the language of YOUR body, how YOUR body responds to foods, or what the best diet is for YOU.  In my next post, I will show you what these three common denominators are-hold on to your hats!