2014 and healthcare: A new and different public message

Get educated, take personal responsibility!  That is what the media, the government and doctors are telling you in 2014.  Dr. Tom Schneider is on the forefront of this message after the release of his book, The Physician’s Apology.  In his book, Dr. Schneider apologizes because the very word, Doctor comes from the Latin word of the same spelling, which means, ‘to teach’.  Unfortunately, when you go to the doctor with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugars, the doctor will first offer you a medication and maybe second, suggest you lose weight or eat healthy to support your new diagnosis, but how?

So what is the definition of good health?  If you look up the definition of health you will find, free from illness, injury or pain; therefore, healthy simply means, not sick!  If doctors are not teaching us how to get healthy, if there is no definition of good health outside of ‘not-sick’, if no one teaches us the early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease, and if we have no idea that we may be near the tipping point of getting sick, then how can we take personal responsibility for our health?

My 43 year old brother went into the doctor with sore ankles after starting a running program.   In this one visit, his blood pressure was a bit high and immediately, his doctor said, ‘I need to prescribe you high blood pressure medication.’  My brother thankfully has listened to me over the years and decided to listen to his own instincts and thought, ‘I am in a lot of pain, maybe that is why my blood pressure is a little high at this moment and I was in a rush and ran up the stairs to make it to this appointment, maybe my blood pressure spike at this moment is a fluke?’   He called me irritated and shocked at how quickly the doctor suggested he go on the drugs from one isolated reading.  Dr. Tom Schneider apologizes because doctors have become pill-pushers and do nothing to help you learn how to become healthier.  My brother continued to run, has lost 40 pounds to date, his ankles feel much better with the reduction in weight, and his blood pressure is stellar!  He is without the side-effects that all medications bring and he decided to take control and learn how to become healthy!

Folks, taking control of our own health begins with understanding that 90% of health conditions treated today have at their root, disruptions in three areas of heath, yes, just three but we go to the Rheumatologist for our Fibromyalgia, the Psychologist for our depression, or the Pediatrician for our child’s ADHD and all of those conditions have the SAME three common denominators!  I cannot find where anyone is teaching the simplicity in this message, what is the Foundation of Health, or what are the three common denominators of disease?  Going to the doctor for a malady without first addressing the three pillars of health is like shooting at a moving a target.  The Saving Generation Next Project teaches the three pillars of health, the Foundation of Health, and the early red-flags and warning signs of impending disease.